You are very excited about your new role as Receptionist for a legal firm.However, on your very first day

You are very excited about your new role as Receptionist for a legal firm.  However, on your very first day

there is a train strike and you feel quite stressed as you have been told that your induction will start at 8am sharp and you are already 20 minutes late.   When you arrive, you are given a brief induction by the office manager Elizabeth and told to join the other staff members and follow your daily work plan instructions.  Elizabeth leaves you at the reception desk to start work.

As you have not had a proper induction and do not know where everything is, you are slow at setting up your desk, logging into your computer and getting familiar with the telephone system.  Clients are starting to arrive for their appointments with the 3 Solicitors in the firm and the telephone starts ringing.  You are starting to feel very overwhelmed as you have not even logged into the computer and have not mastered the phone system to be able to transfer any calls.  It is 10am and you have not even started your daily work plan tasks.

The delays in getting to work, organizing your desk and working out the systems has already put you behind schedule by 1 hour 15 minutes and your colleagues are not happy with you.   The clients and telephone calls seem to be escalating leaving you very overwhelmed.