Which statement is true regarding the use of interdisciplinary team? A. They enhance primary care visitation. B. They bring better quality services for clients. C. They meet the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services guidelines. D. They expedite nursing care services 25. What is the most important discussion of the interdisciplinary team at regularly scheduled meetings. A. Care access issues B. Standard dized testing resulting C. Risk reduction assessment D. Complaince issues 26. What should be the nurses primary consideration while allowing for patient autonomy and reducing risk when dealing with end of life care ? A.stage of illness B. Cognitive impairment C. Weight D. Age 27. Whicn statement from a nurse would indicate good judgment when considering common myths regarding physical restraint use ? A. Alternatively to physical restraints are unavailable B. Inadequate staffing causes the need for physical restraint use. C. Failure to restrain puts individuals at risk for legal liability D. Risk of falls exists when restraints are used. 28. A 66 year- old patient lives alone and has a BMI of 32 as well as diabetes. As the nurse begins to encourage the patient to increase current levels of physical activity the nurse should recognize common barriers identified by the elderly. Which barrier to physical activity is least common for the elderly? A. Finding safe area to walk B. Swelling of ankles C. Having pain from arthritis D. Experience fatigue 29. An 81-year-old patient is a new resident in Hill Side Nursing Home. Upon admission the patient had a Braden score of 17. Which statement would indicate that the RN on duty lacks understanding that the patient is at risk for pressure ulcers?