– Which element is part of psychology well being for an older adults? A avoidance of disability Show more v 1- Which element is part of psychology well being for an older adults? A avoidance of disability B looking like a younger person C avoidance of chronic disease D engagement with others 2- How should a nurse greet Estelle Bartletta petite widowed elder on the first home visit? A Good morning Estelle I am your nurse Clara jones B. Hi dear Im your nurse Clara Jones C Mrs.Bartlett Im your nurse Clara Jones D Hi sweetie Im your nurse Clara Jones 3 An 85year old widow living alone tripped over her beloved dog and broke her leg Which action should the home care nurse recommend regarding the dog? A find the dog a good home B give the dog to a nearby family member C Call the Human society D find out the elders ideas 4- What might be an important aspect of an individualized care plan for low income depressed community antidepressant and has favorite pastimes of reading cookingand spending time with grandchildren ? A. Improved sleep B. Improved nutrition C. A library card D. Daily walk 5- What is an effective way to communicate with an older adult living with dementia ? A. Approach in a non-threatening manner B. Move the elders belonging out of the way C. Shout to get elders attention D. Hold onto the elders hand if the elder is agitated 6- A talented accomplished and very active elder wanted to take up painting after retirement. A recent stroke compromised the elders show term memory severely. Which community-based program should the nurse suggest to the elder and family first? A. Swimming in the neighborhood pool B. Taking painting classes at the senoir center C. Walking to a neighborhood church D. Taking memory-enahancer classes at the senoir center 7- An elder patient missed an arthritis clinic appointment because the patient couldnt afford the pain medication. After the meeting the patients immediate medication needs which two steps should the nurse take in order to prevent a recurrence? Choose 2 answer. A.enroll the elder in medicares hospice care B. Ask the drug company for help C. Investigate eligibility for the medicaid program D. Remember alternative therapies 8- Older women experience bone loss which makes them more susceptible to hip fracture. How should an environment change after a hip-fracture repair? A. Sleep only on one side B. Raise the toilet seat C. Dont allow use of stair D. Use a shower 9- A vigorous recent widower visited his primary care team and stated that he was lonely. Which recommendation should the team make for this patient? A. Finding a new relationship B. Moving in with his children C. Taking a sleep pill D. Taking an antidepressant 10- How often is tetanus vaccination recommended for older adult? A.every 15 years B. Every 10 years C. Yearly D. Every 5 years 11- Which lighting feature in most nursing homes compromises elder adults ability to function? A. Indirect lighting B. Glare C. Sunlight D. Even lighting 12- A spiritual African American elder has terminal HIV. Based on knowledge of spiritual beliefs common in African American communities why might this patient require careful assessment and monitoring for pain? A. The patient may understate pain levels because of a belief that the illness is Gods plan. B. The patient may overstate pain levels so that God will be more likely to hear the patients suffering. C. The patient may overstate pain levels so that more drugs can be obtained for religious rituals. D. The patient may understate pain levels because of faith in the doctors ability to treat the patient. 13- A home-care nurse visits an elder living with dementia whose spouse is providing care. The nurse notices a restraint sitting in the. What is the most important thing the nurse should do? A. Find out why the spouse needs to use the restraints B. Help the spouse plan care without using restraints C. Report the spouses abuse to adult protective services D. Lecture the spouse about the risks of restraints. 14. Which assessment tool can be used to determine activities of daily living ( ADL) independence in older adult? A. Mini-mental state examination (MMSE) B. Mini-cog assessment C. The Karz index D. Confusion assessment method for the ICU ( CAM ICU) 15. Which nonpharmacologic interventions should nurses counsel patients on when they complain of occasional heartburn constipation and low energy? A. Distribution of fatty meals throughout the day. B. Two tablespoons of liquid antacid 30 minuts after each meal C. A hot cup of coffee or tea at each meal D. Adequate consumption of whole grains fruits and vegetables 16. When acute delirium is present with extremely hyperactive behavoir in an older patient which symptom should the nurse consider as additional risk? A. Confabulations B. Advanced agitation C. Dehydration D. Excessive wandering 17. Which factor best describes the cornerstone of an individualized plan of care for an older adult ? A. Normal lobaratory results on the complete metabolic panel B. Ability to speak for oneself C. Evidence of normal range-of-motion per all extremities D. Comprehensive assessment 18. Which impairment best describes the purpose of activities of daily living ( ADL) assessment tools? A. Function impairment B. Speech impairment C. Cognitive impairment D. Physical impairment 19. What is the most widely used cognitive assessment tool? A. Canadian Occupational Performance Measure ( COPM) B. Katz index C. Mini-mental state Examination ( MMSE) D. Barthel index 20. Functional incontinence refers to problems from factors external to the lower urinary track. Which is the least likely item to contribute to inconvenience ? A. Diuretics B. Environmental barriers C. Polypharmacy D. Intravenous fluid 21. When calculating BMI the nurse notes an older adults score is 30. What does this score indicate? A. Cognitive impairment B. Healthy lifestyle C. Falls risk D. Normal hemoglobin 22. What is the primary reason for having the older adult bring all medications with every office visit including prescription and nonprescription medicinesvitamins and herbal supplements? A. So the health provider can determine if the older adult know the names of the medication. B. So the health provider can reduce potential polypharmacy in the older adult. C. So the health provider can ensure the older adult takes prescribed medications D. So the health provider can assess the older adults lifestyle 23. Which medications should the nurse cautiously review from the Beers List of medications when documenting the patients drug profile ? A. Diuretics B. Inotropic drugs C. Benzodiazepines D. Cyclosporines 24.