Supplemental Reading:Bisgaard, S. (1990, January). Quality engineering and Taguchi methods: A perspective.  Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement. Report 40.  Madison, Wisconsin.

Part 1

What do you think should be an organization’s priority to achieve excellence: its processes, or its people? Why? How do the two relate and interact?

Please answer in 200 words or more. As usual, use your own words – please do not copy and paste from a web site. Be sure to reference your sources.

Part 2

In the learning journal, you should record your activities, and record problems you may have encountered, as well as your notes and thoughts about the material. In addition, you should consider the following questions for reflection:

What are some of the processes in your professional, personal or academic life that can be managed differently? How so? What would you expect this new approach’s outcomes to be?

Please answer these questions in 300 words or more. Your answer should reflect your personal experience and should be thoughtful and introspective.