Promoting mental health and wellbeing
Scenario B Tracey is a 35 year old woman who presents for assessment to the Emergency Mental Health Community Team. She is six months pregnant with her third child. Her other children to her ex-partner are aged three and five. Tracey is in a heterosexual relationship with her partner of one year Peter. Peter moved in to live with Tracey and her children eight months ago. The childrens father is distressed about Peter moving in to live with his children. There is verbal hostility between Tracey and her ex- partner each time he visits to collect the children for a weekend visit. Her expartner frequently states he is making arrangements for court to have full time care of the children. Tracey and her current partner Peter are in $35000 uncontrolled debt after a recent new joint business venture failed. A finance company calls weekly requesting payment. Tracey and her partner stopped making the mortgage repayments three months ago with the belief that dealing with the uncontrolled debt would be a better option. Her parents are supportive but live in Queensland. Tracey is able to have face to face contact with them once a year. She does chat with her parents over telephone every week if possible. Tracey states she is worried about how she will cope with her two children and new baby. She reports low mood weekly panic attacks and fleeting thoughts of suicide. During your meeting with Tracey you note she is fidgety and restless breathing rapidly shaking slightly sweating and tearful. She is not wishing to actively engage with the mental health services for fear it will impact on her having care of her children stating she will visit her General Practitioner (GP).
1) Investigate and outline the prevalence/incidence of anxiety (depending on the scenario you have chosen) in Australia Your answer needs to cover: gender age groups specific risk groups hospitalisations. 225 words
? Please refer to ABS Australia 2007. ( Only Australia statistics)
2) Using current literature discuss TWO (2) factors that may have contributed to the development of the clients presentation and mental health concerns. 225 words
? Contributed factors: Child custody issues financial stress Verbal hostility with ex husband
3) Using current literature discuss TWO (2) ethico-legal issues related to your scenario. 225 words
The Mental Health Act (2007) is the legal construct used predominately for clinical care in the mental health services. Please ensure if you are using the Mental Health Act you refer to the latest NSW version. However you may also wish to consider legal frameworks around access to health records storage of health records or privacy. Professional