For this assignment, you are to read the case study on page 184 in Chapter 10. After reading this case, reflect on a situation that happened in your workplace that was similar in that an employee challenged an order and pointed to another document, such as a labor contract, rules and regulations, standard operating procedures (SOPs), or past practices, to state that he or she was not going to follow the order. You will need to look at this personnel matter from the standpoint of both the employee and the supervisor, and you will describe how long it took to resolve the matter in order to meet the requirements below. Summarize a situation surrounding personnel management issues. Evaluate the grievance process within your organization surrounding personnel management issues. Critique steps taken in the grievance process to resolve or attempt to resolve personnel management issues. Model recommendations and solutions surrounding the selected situation from the standpoint of the employee and supervisor. Remember, be mindful and respectful of those within your chosen situation by keeping specific names from being used. This assignment must be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. In addition to the textbook, at least one outsides source must be used to address the aforementioned requirements. Finally, you must follow APA formatting throughout the paper.