In the first part of this unit, we read about Truth:  some of the sources of truth, about absolute and relative truth.  We’re going to discuss those concepts by having you apply them to a statement from an important philosopher.

For your response, please consider one of the following quotations from a consequential philosopher:

  • It is precisely facts that do not exist, only interpretations – Friederich Nietzsche
  • Reason is the Devil’s greatest whore – Martin Luther
  • From the world’s greatest living philosopher:

As I discussed in an announcement, here’s the practice I want you to follow:

  • What does the quote say?  Restate it in your own words.
  • React emotionally to the chosen quote.  How does it make you feel? (i.e, amused, outraged, shocked, pleased, bewildered, etc).  What is it about the quote that evokes those feelings?
  • What do you think the quote means? (And yes, you could Google “What is the meaning of quote X” and get someone else’s thinking, but you could also get a 0 on the assignment).
  • How do the concepts we read about this week shed light on the quotation?  (refer specifically to the textbook and to the lecture).

Remember to meaningfully engage at least two other postings on each thread, either your peers’ or mine.


I also put a website and the screen shot of the lecture to help write the paper please don’t plagiarized