I have been struggling with   The Big Diabetes Lie Review diabetes type 2 for over 20 years and it was by accident that I read something about diabetes appearing in a group of people who had changed their eating habits which started me thinking. Could it be that diabetes type 2 was an eating disorderAside from popping pills, I had not done much to change my eating habits after being diagnosed with the condition and this meant that my diabetes didn’t go away. But after reading about the Pima Indian tribe, I started avoiding industrially processed foods. I started buying whole foods instead.

The change was dramatic and immediate! I started losing weight and feeling a whole lot better in a matter of a couple of weeks. So the first big lesson I learned here was: stay away from industrially processed foods and favor whole foods instead.As a specific practical example: eat whole bread instead of refined white bread. The whole bread will not create a blood sugar spike while the refined white bread will definitely put you at a high risk of provoking the blood sugar spike!

Once I realized that the foods I ate could help me control my diabetes I started looking for more ways to combine foods that could help me avoid having to take pills. Staying away from industrially processed foods was the first big step, eating whole foods was the second.Naturally, I cut back on sugars and fats and I also took the habit of going for a short walk after each meal as this helps the digestion process. These days, I go out for that walk even if it freezes outside or even if it rains cats and dogs. It will not prevent me from taking a quick nap if I feel tired afterward.

The point is that the walk helps set in motion a natural process of digestion which is beneficial to the body and that this improves the way the body absorbs the food. And the exercise burns energy, some of which might be excessive glucose in the blood! By experience I can confirm that it works for me and I can only recommend you try it for yourself.