Identify  a health sector issue at the national level that could be addressed using systems thinking.


Draft  a 350-word proposal outlining how systems thinking could be used to address the health sector issue at the national level.

Include  the following: Identify the issue. Explain the impact of the issue at the national level. Who does it affect and how? Propose three concepts from the book that might be used to solve the issue.

Cite  3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

Format  your citations according to APA guidelines.



Read the presentation “The Three Cs: Connecting the Dots” by Eve Krahe, PhD.

Post on a separate sheet of paper. title page is not needed’ a 100 -150-word response to the following question :

 How do chaos and complexity differ from one another?

If you like you can answer the question after the references I will copy and paste it on a separate sheet myself.