The research project and report will be more analytical. For this project, conduct research on the following human-made system and provide a report on that research. 

The goal of this paper is to cover technical and operational details and to relate the research report specifics to Systems Engineering. The following is the topic for the research project:

Research the history of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). Relate it to CMM, ISO-9000, military, FAA, NASA, and other related standards. Describe its role w.r.t. systems engineering.

Research project deliverable:  Present a well-formatted and professional document including the key items outlined in the assignment description.

Abstract: Provide a brief summary or abstract of your selected project to your instructor for preliminary approval. This will be due during the second week of class.  The abstract should be a concise      description of the research that you intend to do for your project. The length of the abstract should be      a 1/2 page (double-spaced). The abstract should clearly state      the intent of the research paper. The abstract should state why the      research is important and relevant.

Research Paper/report: Your report should be approximately 15      pages. A minimum of 3 sources including at      least one non-Internet journal article. Any documents (drawing,      spreadsheets, etc.) that are created using software other than MS Word      should be pasted into your MS Word document and not submitted as separate      files. The purpose of the project should be      described in detail. The project should be one that is      appropriate for the length of time available. The project scope should be clearly      identified. The technical and program risks      associated with the project should be identified. 

The report should contain the following:  Title Page: The title page contains      a title, the course number, name, and date. Table of Contents Introduction  Proposed explanation based on       evidence available Goals for which the paper is being       written Explanation of why the research       paper is being written Description of the experimental       setup Thesis statement  Materials and methods: The paper      addresses the systems engineering (SE) concepts covered in this class.      Appropriate analytical SE methods should be used, including the details of      the process used in research. The procedure should be chronological and in      a detailed manner that leads the readers to the results. Results: The results are to be      reported objectively. The obtained results are presented in a summary.      Each result should be elaborated separately. Lengthy explanations should      be avoided. Discussion: This section discusses      your analysis on the success and failure of the assumptions and whether      the objectives were achieved. If the answer is negative, explain why the      objectives were not achieved. Identify trade-offs and design alternatives. References: The research paper      should have a wide variety of sources, including non-Internet sources. All      sources should be accurately documented in APA format. Appendices: Graphs, charts, bar      diagrams, and pictorial data should be included in the appendices. Acknowledgments: Acknowledge help      received from outside resources.