Mod 1 percentage: Here’s what the Mars Company indicates you should get as the percentages of colors contained in each bag of M&Ms:13% brown14% yellow13% red24% blue20% orange16% greenQUESTION HELP: Review the information about the percentage of colors in a bag of M&M’s on the Statistics Project in Module 01 (up above)75 M&Ms have been eaten, which would bring our new proportions for each color to:12% Brown16% Yellow16% Red12% Blue24% Orange20% GreenRequirements:1. In a Word document, answer the following questions:o How Many M&Ms of each color were eaten?o Based on our results which color is the favorite and which color is the least favorite?o How do you know?o Which colors are higher, lower, or the same proportion as the website?2. Using Excel, construct a Histogram with the frequency numbers of each color.o Make sure there are appropriate labels on your histogram.o Paste the histogram into your Word document.3. Using Excel, construct a pie chart using the proportions from each color.o Make sure there are appropriate labels on your pie chart.o Paste the pie chart into your Word document.4. Answer the following questions about the charts you’ve constructed.o What do you see? What is the shape and distribution?o Compare these charts and graphs to the charts and graph you created in the previous project assignment. What is the same and what is different between the two charts?5. Submit both the Excel spreadsheet and the Word document.
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