Question 1The number 1.9E-19 appears in a cell. Which one of the following statements is correct? the actual number is -17.1 the actual number is approximately 0 the actual number is 0.19 the actual number is 1.9 there is a calculation error in the cell1 points Question 2In an Excel spreadsheet, cell A3 contains the value -25. If the following formula is entered into cell B3, =SQRT(A3), the following value should be returned: -5 5i #NUM! 5 #VALUE!1 points Question 3Which of the following is a legitimate statistical function in Excel: =RANGE(E2:E93) =IQR(E2:E93) =COEFVAR(E2:E93) =MEAN(E2:E93) =KURT(E2:E93)1 points Question 4In order recalculate a worksheet in Excel, press: F1 F3 F4 F5 F91 points Question 5The cells C1:C6 in a worksheet are being used in formulas in other cells. In order to make these cells absolutely referenced in row, enter the cells range and then press: F4 once F4 twice F4 three times Ctrl plus F4 Alt plus F41 points Question 6The distribution of the age data is best described as being: excessively kurtotic excessively skewed visually approximately normal right skewed leptokurtic Negatively skewed and platykurtic1 points Question 7Which of the following statements about the sample is correct: the median is 27 the mode is 29 the mean is 30.30 the mean is 346.62 the mean < median < mode1 points Question 8The variability of the sample is measured as: an excess kurtosis of 1.69 a variance of 6.06 a range of 32 a standard deviation of 3169 a coefficient of variation of 914%1 points Question 9Which of the following statements about the sample is correct: the skewness is 1.21 the excess skewness is 1.69 the skewness is 10 the kurtosis is 10 the excess kurtosis is 1001 points Question 10From the histogram or ogive (cumulative frequency chart) of the sample, which of the following statements is correct: the 60th percentile is 30 mode is in the range 21-25 the median is in the range 31-35 mode is in the range 26-30 the mean is 30.30 Continue to order