St. Leo ACCOUNTING 560 Accounting Quiz 5 (Module 6) Ch 14 – 16

1. Question : A(n) ________ appeal elaborates on a non-product-related benefit or image when advertising a product or service. Student Answer: informational destructive involving creative transformational 2. Question : The macromodel of effective communications contains nine elements. Two elements represent the major parties in a communication. These two parties are called ________ and ________. Student Answer: sender; subject beginner; receiver receiver; starter initiator; receiver sender; receiver 3. Question : In which step is the salesperson “telling the story” of his product or service? Student Answer: Preapproach Prospects Presentation Closing Follow-up 4. Question : The ________ method of measuring event effectiveness identifies the effect sponsorship had on consumers’ brand knowledge. Student Answer: incremental supply-side demand-side historical experimental 5. Question : An effectively trained company sales force can make four important contributions: enthusiasm building, missionary selling, key account management, and ________. Student Answer: customer contacts relationship selling direct sales contacts increased stock position account management 6. Question : The underlying customer strategy for the sales force of a business in the growth phase of the business life cycle is to ________. Student Answer: create awareness and generate quick product uptake penetrate deeper into existing segments and develop new ones focus on efficiently serving and retaining existing customers emphasize efficiency protect critical customer relationships 7. Question : In choosing the proper media to carry the message, advertisers must decide on ________. Student Answer: strategy, users, and media target markets, users, and heavy users markets, target markets, and consumers reach, impact, and television stations reach, frequency, and impact 8. Question : Merchandise offered at a relatively low cost or free as an incentive to purchase a particular product is known as ________. Student Answer: a price pack a sample premiums a tie-in cross-promotions 9. Question : When two or more brands or companies team up on coupons, refunds, and contests to increase pulling power, it is called ________. Student Answer: price packs frequency promotions team promoting tie-in promotions cross-promotions 10. Question : Once the target market is defined, the marketer needs to obtain specific names, which can be obtained by purchasing a list of names. The better lists include overlays of ________ and ________ information. Student Answer: financial; buying groups demographic; financial opinions; interests demographic; attitudes demographic; psychographic 11. Question : One of the advantages of direct mail is audience selectivity. One of its limitations is ________. Student Answer: its short life poor reproduction quality high competition long ad purchase lead time relatively high cost 12. Question : Marketing managers must prepare implementation and control plans that cover the various elements of the sales promotion program. ________ is the time necessary to prepare the program prior to launching it. Student Answer: Sell-in time Pretesting Duration Lead time Forwarding 13. Question : When a relationship management program is properly implemented, the organization will begin to focus as much on managing its customers as on managing its ________. Student Answer: finances products personnel markets brands 14. Question : ________ is the specialized knowledge that the communicator possesses to back the advertising claim. Student Answer: Likeability Source Expertise Trustworthiness Faith 15. Question : One of the advantages of television is that it combines sight, sound, and motion, appealing to the senses, high attention, and high reach. One of the disadvantages of television is its ________. Student Answer: use of the “remote control” to zap through commercials high clutter cable channels fragmented markets censorship possibilities 16. Question : Today’s customers expect a salesperson have deep product knowledge, to be efficient and reliable, and to add ideas to improve the customer’s operations. These demands are forcing companies to make higher investments in ________. Student Answer: sales training internal salespeople management controls premium offers sales-force promotions 17. Question : Call centers that initiate calls to prospects and customers are called _________. Student Answer: teleprospecting telesales telecoverage outbound telemarketing inbound telemarketing 18. Question : Communication researchers see society as consisting of ________, small groups whose members interact frequently and whose closeness facilitates effective communication but also insulates them from new ideas. Student Answer: social networks buzzes cliques viruses campaigns 19. Question : Direct-mail prospects can be identified on the basis of such variables as age, sex, income, education and ________. Student Answer: banking practices previous mail-order purchases previous purchases response to mail-order catalogs telemarketing response 20. Question : Salespeople need to know how to recognize closing signs from the buyer, including physical actions, statements or comments, and ________. Student Answer: products questions concerns actions objections