After completing this lab assignment, you will be able to do the following: Create      your own organogram and use it to diagnose an organizational problem and      create strategies for change

Use the Organizational Diagnosis Worksheet, attached to this assignment. A sample (Lab4) is attached so that you could write a similar. Define      an organizational problem facing the organization where you currently or      most recently worked or volunteered and State the stage of change the      organization is in, related to recognizing and/or addressing the problem,      and justify your choice of stage. (5 points) Draw      an organogram of the organization, highlighting your place in the scheme      of things. (5 points) Based      on the organogram and supplementary information, diagnose the problem      using the five key aspects of organizational diagnosis found in your      course notes. (5 points per aspect = 25 points) Based      on the above, discuss appropriate approaches and strategies to address the      issue. (5 points) Conducting      peer assessment (5 points

Be sure that your drawing or the organizational structure (organogram) is inside the assignment that is submitted since the dropbox does not accept two files. You can draw using graphics in Word or another program or hand draw and scan and include. If you have any problems, let us know well in advance of the due date.