You designed a rubber band powered vehicle and manufactured it using additive and subtractive processes. The project started with a set of limitations not so different from what engineers often receive from internal and external customers. You rapidly developed conceptual designs based on engineering judgement, down-selected to the best features, performed the preliminary design, and completed the detailed design. From that, manufacturing commenced with sending the g-code to the printer for growing the monocoque and wheel, and machining the axils. Finally, you assembled the system and operated it to evaluate your design and manufacturing performance throughout the semester.

In any design and manufacturing cycle, some things go well and other things don’t. A high performing vehicle requires both excellent engineering and manufacturing. If your team did well with both, your vehicle was a high performer. However, if your team fell short in either area, it hurt vehicle performance. This final homework will include a written report, as well as operation and performance of the vehicle. 

The written report is a one (1) page minimum, two (2) page maximum self-reflection of what you did right and what you could have done better. Items you are required to discuss include: Teamwork  Engineering analysis/design quality (including design for manufacturing) and its translation to actual vehicle performance ( Manufacturing quality and its translation to actual vehicle performance