Unit 4 Assignment Directions
View an introduction to the Assignment. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
·         Evaluate standards and regulations for documentation (such as Joint Commission, CARF, COP).
·         Evaluate health information standards (such as HIPAA, ANSI, HL-7, UMLS, ASTM). 
Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:
HS420-2: Differentiate between standards for accreditation agencies and healthcare laws.
Part I: Create a Health Informatics Compliance survey for healthcare facilities to evaluate their compliance with standards and regulations for Health informatics. All key regulatory agencies must be included in your survey: CMS, Joint Commission, CARF, COP, HIPAA, HL-7, UMLS, ARRA, ACA.
Part II: You are the Chief Information Officer of a large hospital. You are tasked with completing the HI Compliance survey. After evaluating all of the regulatory entities listed in Part I, differentiate between standards of accreditation agencies and healthcare laws that are applicable to your facility. Then provide an explanation for each survey question. 
Part I: Your survey must have at least 10 questions that include all of the key regulatory entities (CMS, Joint Commission, CARF, COP, HIPAA, HL-7, UMLS, ARRA, ACA)
Part II: Your survey responses should be 2–3 pages in length.
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