Question: National environmental groups may emphasizeQuestion: Which of the following U.S. laws screens new substances for safety and sets standards?Question: Levying taxes on each unit of pollution discharged into the air or water is an example ofQuestion: International environmental treaties are known as?Question: Environmental worldviews that focus primarily on the needs and want of people are?Question: A low-throughput economy involvesQuestion: Which of the following is NOT a part of the Planetary Management worldview?Question: Which of the following are not public lands in th United States?Question: Which of the following is NOT one of the human activities that have the greatest harmful impact on the environment?Question: Species should be respected and protected from extinction because theyQuestion: All of the following are direct costs of an automobile, EXCEPTQuestion: Which of the following are not economic tools that can bring about a sustainability revolution?Question: In a truly free market economic systemQuestion: Full-cost pricingQuestion: Which branch of the U.S government influences government policy by enforcing and interpreting laws?Question: Which of the following worldviews is NOT a human-centered worldview?Question: concerns of people of color and poor people disproportionately exposed to environmental pollution and degradation are most likely to be addressed by ?Question: Which of the following is part of the environmental wisdom worldview?Question: Which type of economist view the earths natural capital as a subset of a human economic systemQuestion: Which branch of the U.S. government influences government policies by passing laws?Question: The (GPI) genuine progress indicator measuresQuestion: Which of the following is not a variation of the planetary worldview?Question: The most powerful thing that decision makers do is?Question: Which of the following worldviews understands the earth to be a complex machine that we can understand, dominate, change, and manage for everyone’s good without overloading natural systems?Question: Which of the following U.S. laws sets standards for pollution levels?Question: One’s beliefs about what is right or wrong in humans behavior toward the environment is known asQuestion: Which nation has set aside more of its land for public use, resource extraction, enjoyment, and wildlife habitat?Question: Which of the following worldviews is based on a belief that the less government interference the better?Question: Individuals with an earth-centered environmental worldview would extend their ethical concerns to which of the following levels?Question: Which branch of the government of the United States influences government policy by proposing legislature and appointees for executive positions?Question: Some critics think one of the following worldviews will not work because it is based on increased degradation and depletion of the earth’s capital, and it focuses on short-term economic benefits with little regard for long term harmful consequences. Which worldview does this best represent?Question: Which of the following is not considered a non-use value of natural resources and ecological services?Question: Which of the following worldviews would include the concept that when we use the earth’s natural capital we are borrowing from the earth and from future generations.Question: Which of the following is NOT a social trend that can bring about sustainability?Question: Hiding the harmful environmental costs from the market prices of goods and services causes all of the following, EXCEPTQuestion: Deceptive practices by businesses to make their environmentally harmful products and services appear green and environmentally friendly is known asQuestion: Which of the following concept includes all the others?Question: Open access resourcesQuestion: Within an environmental revolution is found a(n)?Question: Which of the following U.S. laws requires an evaluation of environmental impact of an activity proposed by a federal agency?Question: Which of the following includes services and resources produced by the earth’s natural processes?Question: How much money would be required, on an annual basis, for the world to meet basic social and health goals and to provide environmental security?
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