Question: The leading nonpoint source of water pollution is?Question: People migrate to cities because?Question: Typical rain in the eastern United States is at least _______ times more acidic than natural precipitation would be.Question: Most of earth’s weather occurs in theQuestion: Which of the following is not a dangerous indoor air pollutants list?Question: One in every ____ people on the planet is infected with the organism that causes tuberculosis and one in every ____ will eventually become sick with tuberculosis.Question: With less than 5% of the worlds population, the U.S. generates ___ of the worlds solid waste.Question: Of the following organisms, the group that is LEAST likely to be killed by heavy oil components areQuestion: The effects of ozone depletion on humans includes all of the following, EXCEPTQuestion: Each year approximately ___________ plastic bags are used and usually discarded throughout the worldQuestion: Of the following materials, which has the lowest recycling rateQuestion: Which of the following is not an advantage to burning solid waste?Question: The Great Lakes possess ___% of all the surface fresh water in the United States.Your Answer: 95Question: Tuberculosis is caused byQuestion: Carcinogens causeQuestion: The MOST populous city in the world is ______.Question: Pollutants entering the Great Lakes of North America can take up to ______ years to be flushed into the Atlantic Ocean.Question: Breathing the air of Mexico City is like smoking _____ pack(s) of cigarettes each day.Question: A mega city has a population of at least ________ peopleQuestion: In an integrated waste management approach, which of the following strategies should be given the first priority?Question: A temperature inversion is the result ofQuestion: Ecocities allows residentsQuestion: Which of the following is by far the leading cause of water pollution?Question: Ozone depletion isQuestion: Compost is MOST accurately describes asQuestion: Which of the following is not a factor that hinders recycling or reuseQuestion: Risk is expressed as a probability of suffering fromQuestion: All of the following are considered to be biological hazards EXCEPTQuestion: The worst acid deposition occurs inQuestion: Using various types of plants that function as pollution sponges to clean up contaminants e.g. radioactive substances is known as?Question: Lichens are good indicators of?Question: The most serious air pollution problem especially for poor people isQuestion: Areas in the U.S. where hazardous waste have contaminated the environment, that are identified by the Environmental Protection Agency to be cleaned up on a priority basis are known as?Question: In cultural eutrophication, fish die fromQuestion: Recycling of most of the world’s electronic waste (e-waste) is mostly doneQuestion: Which of the following is the LEAST desirable from an environmental standpoint?
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