Seaport Quiz / Exam:ECOL 100 Quiz 2Quiz/Exam CompleteResults (Percent Correct): 100%Correct Question: Producing food more sustainably requiresCorrect Question: Which of the following is the most dangerous type of fire?Correct Question: Which of the following is not one of the earth’s major cocentric zones?Correct Question: The single largest use of domestic water in the U.S. is from?Correct Question: It is necessary to use energy to get energy. The difference between what you get and what you use to get it is calledCorrect Question: One out of every ________ people in the world lacks regular access to enoiugh clean water from drinking, cooking and washingCorrect Question: Since 1900 we have lost ______ of the genetic diversity in agricultural cropsCorrect Question: from an air pollution standpoint, the dirtiest fossil fuel is?Correct Question: The greatest cause for the current crisis of species extinctions is the destruction ofCorrect Question: According to water resource experts, which of the following would not reduce water waste?Correct Question: One in _____ people in developing countries is undernourished or malnourished.Correct Question: In 2003 a total ban on fishing Atlantic cod was enforced because of the collapse of the cod population. Since this ban has been enforced the cod populationCorrect Question: Shale oil processing requires large amounts ofCorrect Question: Many old growth forests cleared in the U.S. between 1640 -1920 have grown backCorrect Question: Forty-six percent of the electricity in the U.S. and 70% of the electricity in China is generated fromCorrect Question: Petroleum is a liquid consisting primarily ofCorrect Question: The tectonic plates are made of a combination of the crust and the outermost part of the mantle. This combination is called theCorrect Question: An endangered species is any species thatCorrect Question: It takes approximately _________ gallons of water to make one 2-liter bottle of Coca ColaCorrect Question: High level radioactive wastes from spent nuclear power plant fuel rods need to stored safely for at least ______ to ______ years.Correct Question: Some toxic chemicals, such as those in DDT, can be stored in the fat tissue of animals. As these animals become food for larger and larger animals, the amount of the toxin gets larger and larger. This process is calledCorrect Question: The greatest marine biodiversity is locatedCorrect Question: More than half of the wood removed from the earth’s forests is used forCorrect Question: Renewable energy resources include all of the following, EXCEPTCorrect Question: The current extinction crisis differs from past mass extinctions in thatCorrect Question: The majority of water in the western U.S. is used forCorrect Question: At least _______ of the food products soil in U.S. supermarkets contain some form of genetically modified food.Correct Question: Which of the following are not ecological services provided by forests?Correct Question: Clear-cutting does all of the following EXCEPTCorrect Question: The middle, partially melted zone of the interior of the earth is called theCorrect Question: Un-cut or regenerated forests that have not been seriously damaged by human activities or natural disasters in several hundred years are known asCorrect Question: A majority of earthquakes and volcanoes occur?Correct Question: Over the last 8,000 years human activity has reduced the earths forests by about?Correct Question: Industrialized agriculture requiresCorrect Question: The largest wetlands restoration project is theCorrect Question: The cheapest way to produce electricity isCorrect Question: Approximately ______% of the earths water supply is available to us as liquid freshwater.Correct Question: Approximately _______ organisms supply 90% of our foodCorrect Question: The earth zone with the most volume and mass is the?Correct Question: Which of the following has the most destructive effects on ocean floor ecosystems?Correct Question: Ethanol produced from which crop produces the highest net energy yield?Correct Question: Of the following organisms, the ones least likely to be affected by ocean debris (e.g., plastics) areCorrect Question: Forests remove ____ from and add _____ to the atmosphere.Correct Question: We can conserve energy byCorrect Question: Which of the following does not contribute to increased flooding on the floodplains of Bangladesh?Correct Question: The worlds 45,000 largest dams store approximately ________ of the worlds surface runoff, provide water for almost _____ of all irrigated cropland, and supply more than _____ of the electricity used in 65 countries?Correct Question: The California condor and whooping crane are examples ofCorrect Question: The energy source with the highest net energy ratio for transportation is?
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