Week 7 Lab: Blood PressureInstructionsRead the lab instructions provided with the interactive lab. Record your data on the data table below and answer the lab questions. This lab exercise/worksheet is valued at a maximum of 40 points.Prelab Questions (5 points each)Question 1. What is hypertension? What do the systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings represent?Age Range MaleSystolic MaleDiastolic FemaleSystolic FemaleDiastolic11 – 17 105 75 117 7518 – 24 127 79 114 7425 – 34 130 80 116 7635 – 44 130 82 126 8145 – 54 136 86 133 82PostLab Questions (5 points each)Answer the following five questions with as much detail as possible by entering your response in the box below the question.Question 1: Briefly describe the steps that you followed in this exercise. What data did you record?Question 2: During the course of this exercise, did you obtain any blood pressure readings that were outside of the normal range for the group being tested? If so, what did you notice on the medical charts for these individuals that might explain the high readings?Question 3: List the risk factors associated with hypertension. Based on you observations, which risk factor(s) do you think is (are) most closely associated with hypertension?Question 4: What effect might obesity have on blood pressure? Does obesity alone cause a person to be at risk for high blood pressure? What other factors, in combination with obesity, might increase a person’s risk for high blood pressure?Question 5: Based on the results of this exercise, what conclusion(s) can you draw about the relationship of age and gender to group blood pressure averages?