aper 3
Molino I Colucci L Fasanaro A Traini E & Amenta F 2013 Efficacy of memantine Donepezil or their association in moderate to severe Alzheimers disease: A review of clinical trials The Scientific World Journal vol. 2013 pp. 1-8.
This article focuses on reviewing and analyzing the effectiveness of using either memantine or donepezil for the management of Alzheimers disease symptoms in comparison with the use of the two in combination for the same purpose. The study relies on the review of past evidence from different clinical trials and focuses on moderate to severe Alzheimers disease patients. Both memantine and donepezil have been licensed for the alleviation of AD symptoms in most countries including the US and their combination therapy has been strongly proposed stirring mixed opinions concerning its effectiveness and safety. Therefore the authors of article seek to establish whether its more effective to use the drugs in combination or independently. From their research the authors found that both memantine and donepezil were effective in improving the symptoms of Alzheimers disease especially among moderate to severe patients. However on their opinion they did not find sufficient evidence to support the benefits of using them in combination. Furthermore the study confirmed the safety and tolerability of donepezil on moderate and severe cases of Alzheimers disease but does not support or provide sufficient evidence on the safety and tolerability of either memantine or its combination with donepezil. The most significant limitation of this study is the employment of various cognitive assessment tools that could not facilitate proper comparison of the different trials. However it contains different viewpoints of different researchers and therefore will be useful in answering the research question in this assignment to a great extent.