A complete description of the research paper requirements can be seen by clicking on the “Research Paper” in the Assignments tab on the top blue navigation bar. You will download the attached requirements file. The second file outlines the APA requirement for this paper. The third file (“Using the References tool…”) provides additional help on that topic.

Writing Resources 

There is a great list of resources found under the Content/Course Resources/Writing Resources link in this classroom. 

The ability to communicate effectively is a critical skill for all students and is required for success in the workplace.  UMUC has a variety of resources to help students.  The Effective Writing Center is available through the “Resources” link on the Navigation bar. Information on APA formatting of sources and citations (a requirement for this class), can be found in the link to the Library. A small tutorial on how to use the references tools on a PC and on a Mac are included in the assignment link. You are strongly encouraged to avail yourself of these resources.  Your writing abilities will be graded as part of the assignments. 

Due DateJul 21, 2019 11:59 PM