Relate below listed my courses with my Job requirements 

Operations Security Telecommunications Network Security_30 Cloud Computing_20 Introduction to Data Mining Bus Continuity Plan & Disaster Recovery Plan Operational Excellence Business Intelligence Organization Leadership and Decision Making Analyzing & Visualizing Data  Application Security 

Like how each course will help me in the job duties.

Job requirements:

• Participating in every day agile scrum stand-up meetings and participated in Iteration planning and retrospective meetings.

• Performing web services testing with SOAP UI by validating request and response for XML, JSON


• Validation of API endpoints manually using Curl commands.

• Developing test automation frameworks

• Requirement Specifications and System Design Specifications.

• Developing Test cases based on the technical specifications and business requirements.

• Working on AngularJS application by using Protractor, Javascript.

• Working very closely with UI angular developers while automating the

• tests using Protractor.

• Validating the Authentication, Authorization and Bill codes by using

• Adobe Integration and Care tools.

• Executing SQL queries to validate the data in the backend as part of

• Database Testing.

• Validating the API responses by writing groovy script.

• Working effectively with AGILE Team, and Project Management team to achieve automation

high quality, and Sprint, QA processes improvements.

Example :   Course- Programming C

 Programming C: Programming C language is a high-level language. In my job I am using data structures in day to day activities and I write PL-SQL scripts to fetch the data from the database using C.  To connect the multiple servers, I write Unix scripts a lot which are also in C, and the fundamental of C language is very helped to learn java in an easy way because they are related to each other.

Let me know if you have any questions.