Team Performance, Productivity and Rewording Teamwork

Focuses on performance, productivity, and rewarding teamwork. Based on your understanding, discuss the following.

· Discuss how to access team productivity:

· What conditions need to be in place for teams to excel and why?

· Suggestion ways to design teamwork so that threats to performance is minimized

· As a manager, how would you reward teamwork?


· Students will respond to the Discussion Question in full APA format 

· Discussion initial post 400 words is due by aforementioned dates and times

· Provide appropriate APA in-text citations and references.

· The format should include an introductory paragraph which introduces the topic (12-15 lines), the body which is usually 2-3 paragraphs (12-15 lines each paragraph) and a summary paragraph (12-15 lines) which restates the main points.

· Absolutely no Wikipedia, Blogs, Internet Articles, Homework Help, Books or other Chron/Investopedia etc. Journal Articles sourced from the Campbellsville University Library should be your research source.

· Use research from at least 3 academically reviewed journal articles to support your responses. No internet and other non academic articles should be used for these discussion questions.