Discussion 1

A friend of yours mistakenly thinks that a person with multiple personalities and a person with schizophrenia have the same condition. Explain to your friend why these two conditions are different.

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Discussion 2

OCD and Bipolar Disorder are 2 disorders that are commonly spoken about incorrectly in society.  It is a big petpeeve of mine when someone passively says “oh I’m so OCD because I like my shirts folded a certain way” or “that girl is bipolar because she is mad one day and happy the next”.  Have you heard people misrepresent these terms?  There’s a difference in being picky vs having an OCD diagnosis.  There’s a difference in being moody/dramatic and having a bipolar diagnosis.  Please discuss the criteria for actually being diagnoses with these disorders and why people should not throw these terms around lightly.

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Discussion 3

What is meant by the term “directive” and “non-directive” in regards to therapy sessions?  What types of therapists are directive?  What types of therapists are non-directive?  Do you have any general take-aways about this concept?

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Discussion 4

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most popular and most researched therapies right now.  Let’s discuss this.  What does a CBT session look like?  What disorders is it best for?  What’s the premise behind this therapy?

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