Dr. S. Case study

Please read the following case study of Dr. S. after reading the case study, discuss the following under Dr. S. Case study Discussion link:

What Type of pathology Dr. S. suffered.

Was there any treatment option for Dr. S.’ recovery ?

Is there any success rate of treatment for cases like Dr. S.?

What type of theoretical explanation is there for the kind of pathology Dr. S. suffered ?

As a result of a severe  flu attack at age 38, Dr. S. experienced an irregular heartbeat. His personal physician and colleague, Dr. F. told him that his habit of smoking cigars had caused it and advised him to stop smoking. When Dr. S. tried to do so, he became depressed and occasionally suffered an even worse pulse rate. After several attempts at stopping, he returned to smoking about 20 cigars a day. He developed cancer of the jaw at age 67. Despite 33 operations and the removal of his entire jaw because of various cancerous and precancerous conditions. Dr. S. continued to smoke. At age 73, he developed angina pectoris (chest pains from heart disease), which was relieved whenever he stopped smoking, he could not. He died from cancer at age 83, after many years of severe  suffering from operations, cancer, and heart disorder.