Title page:

I have done the title page subject to change if you deem necessary


150-250 words 

*The abstract I have done up a basic idea for where the paper is going.


Give the reader background information about the few air pollutants ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide as well as particulate matter (PM). 


Use peer reviews articles from regional studies conducted in countries with strong presence of air pollutants in the atmosphere. Such as China, India and Europe that link these pollutants to medical conditions.

*I have attached several articles I found online to aid you roughly reference evidence found from 5-6 peer review scholarly articles


Conclusion based on the content and support the idea that there is strong medical evidence that links air pollutants to medical conditions but do mention several limitations of the studies


– APA format 


Below are the attached journal articles you may choose to reference but you may need to reference more articles preferably about 3-4 more.

Resource website links: