PROJ 600 – Project management of Keller University

Mission/ purpose Breast Cancer is a growing concern in the United States for both men and women and is on the rise. By building an on-road, mobile breast cancer screening laboratory individuals’ who lack the ability or funding to get properly screened for the disease will now have the ability to do so. We must address this growing health care concern in this area as they currently have no mobile screening laboratory. Together We Can End Cancer, and create a world with more birthdays” ( The Project will create an opportunity for all males and females to have accessibility to breast examinations without worry of cost or transportation. The On-Road Mobile Breast Screening Laboratory will require a vehicle capable for performing onsite cancer screenings. This vehicle must have: male/female restrooms, dressing/undressing rooms, a doctor’s office, a screening area, be HIPAA compliant, a reception area, and backup power. In addition we must provide the procurement and installation of state of the art cancer screening equipment, refurbishment of the vehicle and ensuring the vehicle meets state requirements for on road use, and training of the vehicle’s staff.Through City Funding of $3.5 million dollars we plan to carry out the project in 8-12 months with key milestone and completion dates. The funding will allow us to create a mobile easy to use and operate by the city and travel safely on the streets. In case of emergency the vehicle will have back up power in case of a power loss. The Training of the staff will include training of all individuals, training on all pieces of equipment, and testing of their knowledge to ensure they have the capabilities to carry out their duties. Objectives The object of this project is to build a mobile breast cancer screening laboratory for the city of Wilmington to promote breast cancer awareness and provide breast cancer screening to men and women throughout the city. Project milestones associated with this project are as follows:• Design and build a mobile breast cancer screen laboratory• Develop high level specifications and drawings for the construction of the vehicle• Procurement and installation of state of the art cancer screening equipment• Refurbish the vehicle and ensuring it meets states requirements for on the road use.• Train the vehicle’s staff• Complete project within budget limits of $3.5 million dollars• Complete project in 8 to 12 monthsBusiness Need Breast cancer is a growing concern in the United States among men and women, and is predicted to have a continuous rise. Building a mobile breast cancer screening laboratory, will give the city of Wilmington the ability to reach out to the communities and raise awareness of breast cancer, and provide the men and women who can not afford to get properly tested the ability to receive proper breast cancer screenings. Project Manager & Stakeholders Who will lead this project? Who are the major stakeholders?Milestones Budget The Rough Order of Magnitude Cost (ROM) for this project is between $ 2.7 Million minimum and $3.5 Million dollars maximum. The estimation analysis was completed considering the project must be finished successfully within a maximum of twelve months. The Estimation Cost Analysis at the early stage of the project has been prepared with the opinion of experts, consultants, and cost research from similar projects in the market.Three probable cost scenarios were considered for the main deliverables of this project as follows: R O M – Mobile Breast Cancer ProjectStage Optimistic Cost Most likely cost Pessimistic cost1.Equipment 1,850,000 2,100,000 2,420,000 2.Vehicle and 460,000 530,000 588,000 Refurbishment3.Designing 50,000 58,000 62,0004.Installation 200,000 230,000 260,000 5.Training 140,00 165,000 170,000Total cost $ 2,700.000 $ 3,083,000 $3,500,000 The actual budget will be refined during the actual planning stage of the project when more specific activities are defined, but it must not exceed the Rough of Magnitude Pessimistic Cost of $3,500,000.User Acceptance Criteria/Quality The minimum success criteria for this project are the following:• The project must be performed in twelve months at most.• The cost of the project must not exceed 3.5 million dollars.• Equipment installed in the mobile unit, must match with the latest screening instruments available in the market.• Vehicle to be used for the mobile unit must be new brand.• Vehicle must be capable for performing onsite cancer screenings.• Vehicle must meets state requirements for on road use.• The vehicle must have back up power in case of power lost.• Training for the new staff on all individual pieces of equipment, must be provided as part of the project.