Problem analysis– Select an actual problem/ issue from an organization that you have read about or have seen/ uncovered in the organization that you are interviewing. Gather information on the problem and integrate the information from all your sources into an analysis of the central issues in your case. Your writing should focus on problem or problems identification and evidence supporting your interpretation of the problem or problems

Application of Organizational Behavior Theories and Concepts: Select theories and concepts from the organizational behavior textbook that offer guidance in solving these problems. Justify your choice of theories and explain their relevance. The textbook is a starting point but you must not rely solely on your textbook as a source of information about organizational behavior. Peer reviewed articles are recommended. Be sure to include a list of references with your paper.

Suggested Solutions– Outline the steps that the key decision-maker(s) should take and justify your suggestions. Your suggested plan of action must be derived from the theories you have discussed. In some cases, you must develop a solution that integrates across more than one theory. Your plan of action must be specific and include enough detail that the decision-maker(s) could begin implementation.

Specifications for the Final Application Paper


  • Type report using MSWord ®
  • Title Page with Title of the assignment, Students’ Names, Date, Course, & Instructor’s Name
  • Table of Content format
  • Length of report: minimum 5-7 pages, double spaced, text font size 12 (titles and headers maybe 12-16). The title page, table of contents, abstract, references, and appendices are not included in the 7 pages
  • APA style
  • Appendix format (research information, charts, graphs or others visuals should be placed in the Appendix section, when appropriate)
  • Bibliography (sources of information, cited references, etc.)
    • Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (see list example provided)
    • The textbook can be used as a reference
    • Students must use a minimum of 5 sources. Three must be Peer Reviewed sources, one may be the textbook, and one may be any source available. The minimum is 5, but it is recommended to have 10 sources (“A” quality papers normally cite 10-15 different sources)

Individuals will use a minimum of 5 sources for the application paper. An acceptable list of Academic Journals is provided in the syllabus. The journals are available online through the PSC library. Papers will be evaluated for content, style, spelling, grammar and punctuation. (Papers must be “A” work in order for an “A” to be awarded.)