Present a current diversity-related situation or dilemma(Black women and white women in the USA); compare and contrast the cultures involved in the situation; provide a historical perspective; and analyze the contributing factors to the current state of the situation. You will then interpret the effects of the situation on the cultures involved, provide evidence in favor of and opposed to each side of the situation. Finally, you will assess your beliefs and perspectives regarding the situation or dilemma and identify strategies for building inclusion by synthesizing the varying perspectives.
Address complete responses to the following:

Identify a diversity situation or cultural dilemma that is prevalent in today’s society that involves more than one cultural group:
What is the diversity situation or cultural dilemma that you chose?
Provide an analysis of the topic, including an historical perspective and the current day situation.
Explain why this is a topic of interest in general, and to you in particular.
Compare and contrast the different cultural groups involved:
What cultural groups are involved in this situation or dilemma?
What stereotypes and biases are associated with each of these cultural groups?
What privileges and power are associated with each of these cultural groups?
Determine a personal position regarding the topic:
Identify and present your own attitudes, beliefs, cultural norms, stereotypes, or biases that you may have, or had in the past, regarding this topic.
Present at least one argument supporting the perspective or each cultural group involved with the topic.
How can this situation or dilemma be addressed moving forward with a mutually beneficial outcome?
Utilize 5 to 7 resources, including resources provided  to support your arguments. Make sure to gatheand present persuasive, well-reasoned arguments regarding your topic, and consider all perspectives and opinions