African nation and natural resources·Is this country vulnerable:oTo monopolies?oTo involve licensing?oTo heavy state involvement?oTo be prone to graft?oTo lack transparency?oTo control the natural resources?·Describe & illustrate graphically the firm’s long-run cost, including economies & diseconomies to scale.·Differentiate the economic & non-economic functions of the government (public goods, externalities, spillover costs)·Discuss the significance of elasticity in levying excise taxes (or rent).·Differentiate between explicit & implicit casts and how these relate to normal profits vs. economic profits.·Define the condition that must be satisfied if a firm is in a profit maximizing position.·Analyze the impact of technology on physical capital formation, productivity & allocation of resources.-The presentation must be submitted as a PowerPoint Presentation / 25 slides.- I expect the material in the presentations to go beyond the information in your textbook. Please remember Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. -If any graphs or charts are use in your presentation, you must be able to explain the graph or chart andproperly cite the publication and reference.CriteriaExpectations(each criteria is worth up to 25 points)GroupDynamicsSubmitted a detail plan of action on time.Team members who were actively involved in the presentation are listed on the title page of the presentation.WritingStyleExceeds ExpectationsThe presentation included an introduction, body of work, and conclusion (no new information was presented in the conclusion).Contents of the presentation followed a very logical order.APA method of citations & references was used.Correct grammar & spelling throughout the presentation.No plagiarism.Exceeds ExpectationsContentsInformation was presented in a creative & understandable manner.Examples were used to illustrate difficult concepts.Delivery of information was full of thought, insight & analysis.Presentation made strong connections to real life situations & learning outcomes.Contents goes beyond the scope of the textbook, resources presented, & three scholarly sources were cited.If graphs were presented, information of the graph(s) fit in the presentation, were explained, were cited.All relative information on the topic has been presented.Exceeds ExpectationsPresentation Skills & TechnologyPPT’s background is appropriate & font size & color are easy to read.One background, style of font, & same size of font was used though out the presentation.Words or sentences were not crammed on to a slide & bullets were appropriately used.All links worked & opened in a new window.
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