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BSL 117 Pathophysiology Research Paper Assignment Instructions and Rubric
BSL 115/117 Case Study Assignment
The case study assignment allows you to gather relevant information on a particular pathology that you may encounter as a nurse. Think of this assignment as an
important addition to your portfolio of assignments in this class.
Purpose: The purpose of the project is to serve as an artifact showing that students have demonstrated achieving the competency on scientific literacy.
Galen College of Nursing has 6 General Education Competencies:
Social Competence
Information Technology
Critical Thinking
Quantitative Literacy
Scientific Literacy
You will need to work on this assignment weekly throughout the quarter. Your completed assignment will be due during week 9 of the quarter. Please do not wait until
the last minute to work on this assignment. It is your responsibility to submit the completed assignment before the dropbox closes. No hard copies or emailed copies
will be accepted once the dropbox is closed.
This project requires the ability to understand and apply scientific knowledge that you acquire both inside and outside the anatomy and physiology classroom. You will
be presented a case study that is applicable to the systems we have covered and will be assigned by your instructor. This is a pathology that you may encounter in your
nursing career.
As you progress through this course you will acquire information in a sequential topic-specific manner. Each topic will include information that is relevant to this
assignment. For example the knowledge you gain from the lesson on cell morphology will be applied to later system specific questions. Your explanations on each sub-
topic should include information from sources that go beyond the textbook or classroom. You are expected to clearly understand the meaning of each topic before you
construct your answers. For example you are expected to know the meaning of homeostasis and to understand the topics that are connected to it. Dont forget to read
and understand the rubric before you start. Refer to it often it will help guide you through the process.
Description of the pathology
Body System(s) involved
Normal anatomy of major body system effected
Normal physiology of body system effected
Mechanism of pathophysiology
Clinical Relevance
Professionally developed presentation
All questions within case study addressed
Students will be assigned individual topics related to physiology and pathological conditions of physiological systems.
The student will be required to complete all parts of the assigned case in a written paper.
The paper will be double-spaced and answers should only be on one side of the paper.
The paper will be a minimum of 3 pages long and should also include an additional citations page at the back.
A minimum of three APA-style references must be included in the paper. There should be an APA-format citations page labeled Citations at the end of the presentation.
Additionally sources should be cited directly after any quoted passages in the paper. Reputable resources include peer-reviewed journal articles interviews with
clinicians who deal with these pathologies on a daily basis personal experiences class lectures and other reputable sources.
The student should use a font size of 12. The paper should be written with the text aligned to the left margin.
For each question the question itself should be included in the text in bold followed by the students answer which should not be in bold and should be indented.
If the question has subsections each subsection should be clearly labeled in the students written response. For example if the question has two parts a and b the
answers should be written with these letters at the front of the answer. Below is an example:
Harry has a high heart rate. (a) What is the term to describe a fast heart rate? (b) Which division of the nervous system accelerates the heart rate?
The term to describe a fast heart rate is tachycardia.
The sympathetic nervous system accelerates the heart rate.
Answers should be written in complete sentences. Answers should not be simple one or two-word answers.
It is recommended that the student reviews the information about plagiarism in the Student Handbook. Any copying of information from another source without giving
proper credit through a citation will be met with severe consequences. In line with this however the entire presentation should not be directly copied from other
sources. The student is expected to compose ideas in their own words and only use text from other sources as a minor supplement.
The case study assignment should be submitted through the Drop Box in Canvas on or before the assigned due date.
Case Study Student Paper Rubric
Purpose: The purpose of the project is to enhance student understanding of the concepts of anatomy and physiology and how each organ system works collaboratively to
achieve and to serve as an artifact showing that students have demonstrated achieving the competency on scientific literacy. Competency 6 states: Learners will gain
the ability to read with understanding scientific content and engage in dialogue about scientific issues.
Needs Improvement
Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
(30 points)
Student has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of fundamental concepts of A&P throughout the project
(Up to 30 points)
Student has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of fundamental concepts of A&P through at least 50% of the project.
(Up to 20 points)
Student has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of fundamental concepts of A&P through at least 25% of the project.
(Up to 10 points)
(up to 30 points)