Paper AssignmentTopic: Pick a topic in the area of “Thinking” that has not been discussed in class. Find three new references (e.g. book chapters, journal articles) and synthesize the readings to give a brief overview over your chosen topic.Format: title, name, class, maximum of five pages, double­spaced, APA reference style.Content: Pick a topic that you find interesting. Examples are ‘group thinking’, ‘gender differences in thinking, ‘problem solving’, ‘thinking and language’, ‘can we teach system 2 thinking’, ‘instinct in sports’ etc. If you are not sure whether your topic is appropriate, please send me an email.Select three readings that address your topic. The readings have to be scholarly papers, so either research articles or book chapters (not Wikipedia or popular press). Based on the readings, introduce your topic to a reader who doesn’t know anything about the topic other than what has been discussed in class.Your style is scientific but clear. Do not write anything that you don’t understand! Have a clear structure. Begin your paper with an argument why your chosen topic is an interesting area in the psychology of thinking. Describe some of the key findings in the literature and tie them into the framework that had been used in class.Grading: The paper is worth 100 points. 20 points for proper style and formatting. 40 points for properly synthesizing your chosen readings. 20 points for a good integration with the concepts and/or terminology used in class. 20 points for clear, concise, succinct writing.