Public-private partnerships have increased as a way for corporations and non-government organizations (NGOs) to fulfill their respective commitments for social responsibility. In the past, the relationship between corporations and NGOs has been contentious, with competing profit vs. non-profit motives and objectives. “Recently, however, more and more scholars and practitioners have argued that business-NGO partnerships can generate positive impacts for both business and society.” (Gjerdrum & Pedersen, 2013). While there may be mutual benefits, there are also many challenges to the success of these associations.

For this Discussion, use the Walden Library and/or search the Web to find an example of a public-private partnership:

1-Briefly describe the entities in the partnership and the nature of their agreement.

2-What was the motivation of each party to form this partnership?

3-To what extent does the NGO influence CSR practices in the corporation?

4- What are the mutual benefits of the partnership? What are the challenges?

Required Readings:

as per attachment with the Assignment