Issue spotters are questions set by the instructor asking for the specific State Law and a full analysis of the issue and questions presented. This will require outside research – for the work cited at the end, you have to put the link that direct to the website where you got the informations from, please do include the name of the case (or at least a foot end note) which you will use the information in the work. Issue Spotters must be well written and thought out.

Betty Smith went into a local restaurant prior to COVID and slipped on a water puddle near the waitress station. An employee (waitress) had poured water on top of a soda spill and then left to go get a mop. While the employee was gone, Betty slipped and fell. She tore her meniscus and her Anterior Cruciate LIgament (ACL). Following multiple surgeries, physical therapy and ultimately a new knee replacement, she built up multiple medical bills she could not pay. She hired a lawyer and filed a negligence law suit against the restaurant. The restaurant owner refused to settle with her claiming she should have seen the puddle and been more careful. They refused to pay any of the mounting medical bills.

Please discuss negligence in general, the elements which must be proved, apply them to the above hypothetical, discuss fully, then find an actual case to relate involving a negligence claim. Keep your turnitin score under 15% and make sure you cite to outside sources using a url or link.