•  For this assignment, you will prepare a reflection paper. Reflect on the concepts you have learned during your course readings. We have studied the interaction of the primary emergency management missions and protocols with the specific viewpoint of managing and resolving terrorist events in mind. We have discussed the National Preparedness Goal and the National Preparedness System along with its Frameworks including this unit’s National Disaster Recovery Framework, and we related them to emergency management in terrorist events as well. In your reflection, discuss what you understood completely.

    What did not quite make sense? The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the material you have read and to expand on the National Disaster Recovery Framework and emergency management as a key contributor to resolving terrorist events. If you are unclear about a concept, either review information in a unit’s required reading or ask your professor. This is not a summary. A reflection paper is an opportunity for you to express your thoughts about the material you are studying by writing about it. Reflection writing is a great way to study because it gives you a chance to process what you have learned and increases your ability to remember it.

    Use the following guidelines as you reflect on the course material. What are your thoughts about the main topics? Why are these topics or concepts important? EMG 3100, Terrorism in Emergency Management 4 How do they apply to your career or future career? How can you apply them to your personal life? Your reflection paper should be at least two pages in length. No citations or references are required; however, you should include a cover page, which does not count toward the total page requirement.