Course Textbook APA Citation:

Asfahl, C. R., Hammer, W., & Price, D. (2004/2001). Occupational & industrial safety health management and engineering(2nd Custom ed.). New York, NY: Prentice-Hall.


Chapter 8 comes from an OSHA publication on job hazard analysis.



MOS 5201 uses a custom textbook including only information used in this course, resulting in a more cost-effective textbook than typically available otherwise.


Essay #1


For each of the following situations, explain the nature of the hazard and describe probable outcomes.

a. A worker brushes his pant leg across a 120-volt terminal strip with screw terminals exposed. Every other screw is hot, with neutral screws intervening.

b. A worker’s boot contacts a 440-volt bus bar. A ground path occurs through the worker’s foot and the nails in the sole of the boot to the concrete floor. The resistance of the ground path is 10,000 ohms.

c. A worker wires a 220-volt circuit “hot” using a wood-handle screwdriver. The screwdriver slips, and the shaft of the screwdriver makes a direct short across the hot terminal and the adjacent neutral.

d. A worker changes a 120-volt wall receptacle in a garage while standing on a concrete floor. The circuit is energized, but the worker is careful not to touch both the hot wire and the neutral wire at the same time.