Assessment Task 1 Assignment (1500 words)
Due date:
Friday 28th August 2015 by 23:59pm
Length and/or format:
1500 words
This assessment aims to enhance students learning related to
contemporary mental health issues including reasoning critical
thinking reflection and care planning. The essay will provide an
opportunity for students to be analytical and synthesize
information within the expectations of academic writing.
Learning outcomes assessed:
1 2
How to submit:
This essay will be submitted electronically into turnitin via the
LEO unit page.
You must complete and attach: The ACU assignment cover sheet. Students need to attach an
ACU Coversheet to the assignment ensuring they have signed
the statement that the work is original. The current ACU
Assignment Cover Sheet is downloadable from
Return of assignment:
The assignment will be returned via the LEO turnitin with a grade
and feedback summary.
Assessment criteria:
The assignment will be marked based on the criterion
assessment rubric on next page.
Assignment Topics:
Students will be provided with two contemporary mental health topics with the choice of one to be
submitted. Please see topics to choose below:
Topic 1
Contemporary literature has identified the increasing incidence and prevalence of depression
in Australia. Discuss this phenomenon in relation to the reasons for this increase. In your
answer consider gender specific differences and the nurses role in the treatment and
management of the illness.
Topic 2
Individuals who experience borderline personality disorder often have difficulties in emotional
regulation leading to unstable and intense interpersonal relationships. Discuss this
statement and the use of pharmacological and non- pharmacological treatments and nursing
interventions for these individuals.
The discussion is to be supported with relevant and credible references. There are to be a minimum
of ten references at least two (2) being researched based journal articles. No Wikipedia and only
two (2) web based sites.