Hot Topics (10% ) (Discussion)
This assignment will immerse you in current nursing leadership/management peer-reviewed literature. During the first few weeks of the term survey nursing leadership/management journals (i.e. Nursing Management) and begin reading articles from current issues (published within the last 2 years) that catches your interest. The first Hot Topic should be related to decision making and problem-solving strategies.
For this Hot Topic Discussion you will
o Select 1 article read the article and summarize it in your discussion post.
o List the reference in APA format.
o What is the Hot Topic?
o Why did this topic catch your interest?
o Is there any information that you have recently read that supports or conflicts with this information?
o Is the identified Hot Topic in your article a hot topic in your clinical agency? If so describe.
o Students are expected to read all posts and respond to at least 1 peer
I work at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center Preop and Post op