Strategic Planning
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Chamberlain College of Nursing NR-532 HC Operational Planning and Management
Strategic Planning (graded)
List one opportunity or threat to nursing; it may be internal or external to the organization. Some examples include: patient coercion to do things they do not wish to do or a competing organization within close proximity offering sign-on bonuses. Discuss the severity of the opportunity or threat and the probability that it may occur in an organization.
Strategic Planning
As we begin this weeks lesson it is important to realize that strategic planning is a necessity to ensure the viability of your organization. Strategic planning is a continual process that begins with the setting of goals and objectives development of an action plan and periodic review of the overall strategic planning process and outcomes. Modification of any part of the planning process may occur as needed as feedback and recommendations are received and reviewed (Roussel 2013). Strategic planning generally focuses on the purpose mission and goals in relation to what is happening outside the organization in the external environment (Marquis & Huston 2014). When used as a development technique strategic planning can be very beneficial to an organization from a variety of aspects and takes into account the organizations culture size leadership and environmental complexity. The nurse leader of an organization has an overall awareness of the organization and plays a key role in this planning process and its overall success to be cognizant how change may affect the environment. Without this awareness of how one department or area may affect another area the nurse leader may devise a plan that is not viable or realistic.
Variations in Decision Making
As a nurse leader you have your individual life experiences values and perceptions which may cause you to think differently from your colleague in a similar situation. No matter how objective you may attempt to be in decision making your life experiences and value system may have an influence in a particular situation. As a person matures his or her experiences provide a wider scope of alternatives in decision-making choices. Being aware of these influences and attempting to understand your feelings toward certain beliefs can be helpful to ensure an unbiased determination in decisions and planning.
The Strategic Planning Process
Strategic planning helps an organization determine where it intends to go over a set period of time. This process generally will include how to get there what needs to be completed to get there how to know when you get there and how to know if you are on the right path. Some strategic plans are structured for 1 year some for 2 to 3 years or some are as far out as 5 to 10 years. Aspects of the strategic plan may include economics; use of resources including people funds and facilities; innovations; and social responsibilities.
The basic process generally includes stating the purpose of the strategic plan (which includes vision and/or values) goals (to work toward the purpose) strategies (to achieve the goals) and action plans (identifying who will do what and by when) (Paschall 2013).
Benefits of strategic planning for an organization may include effective use of resources to focus on selected key strategies provide guidelines to measure progress and interprofessional collaboration to distribute the work (Paschall 2013).
Participants Involved in the Planning Process
The selection of key persons to participate on the strategic-planning committee is vital to the success of the process. The planning committee will set the course and direction for the organization and have a direct impact on the organizations future. A facilitator should be chosen to help guide the process and keep all persons on task and to meet select deadlines.
Some individuals because of their positions are often included such as the chair of the governing body chief executive officer (CEO) chief financial officer (CFO) and chief nursing officer (CNO). Individuals chosen to serve on this committee should be identified as strategic thinkers within the organization.
Mission Statement
If you are part of a new organization a mission statement will need to be developed. All organizations are not the same and an organizations mission statement can help differentiate it from others. The mission should express the purpose of the organization clearly.