Outline the causes incidence and risk factors of the selected disease and how it can
impact on the patient and their family (400 words) :
Linked to case study. Provides comprehensive identification of causes incidences and
risk factors. Provides comprehensive understanding of the disease impact on patient and family.
Q 2: List five (5) common signs and symptoms of the selected disease and for each one
provide a link to the underlying pathophysiology (350 words) :
Provides a comprehensive look at the identified five (5) common signs and symptoms.
Provides a comprehensive link to pathophysiology.
Q 3: Describe two (2) common classes of drugs used for patients with the selected
disease including physiological effect of each class on the body (350 words) :
Two (2) classes of drugs appropriately identified.
A comprehensive understanding and explanation of the physiological effects on the body.
Q 4:
Identify and outline in order of priority the nursing care strategies you as the
registered nurse should use within the first 24 hours post ED admission for this
patient (500 words