For the Unit III Case Study, you will answer the following three questions by explaining how you would respond to or handle the situations.



? 1) You are an engineering office manager and one upper-level manager has repeatedly used the company credit card for personal expenses. How do you handle the situation?



2)You are an engineer with authority over human resources and an employee comes to you and says, “I want to tell you something about someone, but you can’t tell anybody.” He then reveals that someone pushed another employee in the company kitchen. What action do you take?


BBA 3651, Leadership 3




3) You are an engineer in a firm and although you are not an accountant, company policy now requires you to sign off on the tax filings for the department you oversee. You have never been a “numbers person” and do not fully understand the documents. What do you do?



You will answer all three questions in one Word document. Your response to each question should be roughly one-two paragraphs in length. Your completed Case Study should be a minimum of 500 words in length, not including a title or reference page, if included. Outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment; however, if you choose to use them, please cite and reference accordingly.