Implementation FailureMany IT implementations fail due to various reasons, such as poor planning, poor design or poor execution. Two risks given by your book in the develop phase are: 1) Developed solution does not meet business requirements and 2) Some applications work however the overall solution does not.For this Discussion topic, research news articles and give an example where an IT implementation had failed due to one of these two reasons. Describe the situation and explain what the causes of failure were. What should the organization have done differently to avoid the problems that occurred? Do not forget to cite and reference your sources in APA format (use the Kaplan Writing Center for APA help).Implement Phase StrategiesTable 20.1 lists four strategies for implementing projects. As with other strategies, each approach may work or fail depending on the specific situation. For this Discussion topic, select two of the four strategies. Then, find two examples of real-world implementations that used these strategies (one example for each strategy you selected for discussion). After you describe the example, analyze why you think they went with the strategy they selected and provide your assessment whether they made the right selection.unit 8Realize Value PhaseThe chapter on the realize value phase describes the steps that must be taken to ensure targeted business benefits are realized. These steps, while they are all listed in this chapter, are meant to be carried out during the earlier phases. On page 229, the authors also provide some statistics on projects failing to provide benefits.For this Discussion, research news articles and give an example where a BPM project failed to provide the expected benefits. Describe the situation and identify which of the steps listed in the chapter appear not to have been carried out properly.Organizational CommunicationIn your opinion how can effective/ineffective communication within the organization impact the following two elements:1. The determination of targets of the BPM project2. The realization of benefits during and after the BPM projectSupport your answer by citing evidence from your research on the topic. Citing only from your textbook is not sufficient.This section lists options that can be used to view responses.unit 9Sustainable Performance PhaseOne of the most commonly used practices for sustaining performance is the establishment of feedback loops. In feedback, the actual end results of the process will be compared with the process targets or objectives and the process will be adjusted accordingly. Your book mentions three applications of feedback—at the personal level, at the management level, and at a process level. In this last category, various metrics are measured at the conclusion of a process and if they do not meet the goals, some specific, pre-determined element about the process is adjusted.For this Discussion, give a real life example of a process feedback system from either your work experience or through research. In your discussion:1. Describe the metric that is being measured to determine if the process is performing as designed.2. Describe what the goal is.3. Describe the elements (pieces of the process) that are adjusted based on the feedback results.4) Evaluate the feedback system. Do you think it is working well? Why, or why not?You first may need to do some research on feedback systems in business processes to ensure you understand the concept properly. You are looking for established, formalized feedback systems and not just a manager looking at results and taking ad hoc actions to correct problems. Information that is fed back, but does not have an established mechanism for action to be taken, also does not qualify This would be something such as customer survey results that are just handed to employees.Balanced Score CardIn step 3 of the sustainable performance phase, balanced score card (BSC) is discussed as one way of embedding performance measurement into management. BSC is used quite a bit in organizations that want to ensure their strategies are reflected in the performance metrics.For this Discussion: 1. Research and describe a real-world implementation of balanced score card. 2. Discuss how it is used for sustaining performance as described in this chapter. This connection between the BSC implementation and sustainable performance is the key to this Discussion, so make sure your example demonstrates this connection.