.496000289916992px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);”>unit 8 Assignment: We have many managers…we need leaders!Global Assignment:The KAPResources Consulting firm (from the scenario from Unit 5), has asked two of the American relocated employees (expatriates ) and their spouses along with two newly hired Spanish employees and the French HR Director to assemble themselves as a team under the leadership of Carla Baskil (Puerto Rico office). Initially, Carla will meet with her team in person and then, on an on-going basis, meet via video conferencing. This small team of seven in Spain will, once interconnected as a team, be tasked with creating the larger office team with a total of 75 employees. Carla knows that creating this team will help the employees and their spouses acculturate to the company and country.You, in the role of Carla, are tasked with leading this small team of seven to make them feel more interconnected. This will prepare them to better guide the larger team of 70 additional employees to feel more like a team, thus making them more productive and content in their employment.An idea occurs to you to have a dinner party where everyone brings their spouse for a total of 11 dinner guests, (which includes you).Checklist:Propose a plan for the dinner event for employees and spouses to meet and interact.Explain how you will overcome the cultural challenges involved.Your response should be 2-3 pages in APA format.ID: MT340-08-08-A