Kaplan University MT340 unit 6 assignment – Office of Quality

Unit 6 Assignment: Office of QualityInstructions Summary: Click on the Rubric icon below for full details.You are on a Quality Team from your company’s Office of Quality. The Chief Quality Officer (CQO) has asked your team to follow up on a set of facts that have been called to the Office’s attention. Read through the facts presented to you in Exercise one, Chapter 8. While reading these facts, you will find some common themes to work from.Use the set of facts to identify the problems per suggestion, and analyze these with a cause-and-effect diagram (Lumsden et al., 2010, p. 202). You will want to set goals for the team to achieve and establish criteria that will assist in deciding whether the solution to this set of facts will be effective (p. 202).Are the solutions to the issues from the set of facts conducive to implementation and assessment? In addressing this question, create an implementation and assessment plan.Your PowerPoint presentation should consist of eight content slides and an additional slide each for the Title and References utilizing the current APA citation, format, and style. Include your supporting notes for your bulleted slide items in the Notes section with any citations. A maximum of two short citations are allowed in the total presentation.