Kaplan University MT340 unit 1 discussion

Topic 1: Group CharacteristicsWe will start the process of understanding why we feel the way we do about groups in the workplace and in school. Create a list of the best and worst group characteristics that you have experienced currently or in the past. Share this list with your fellow student learners in the Discussion board. After you have done so, please address the following questions:Why did your listed characteristics affect your groups in a beneficial manner or less beneficial manner? How did these characteristics affect the transactional and task processes of your groups?What kinds of behaviors might members have used to improve the group experience?What will you look for, based upon your experiences, in future groups and team settings?Do not forget to comment to at least two other fellow students’ responses per your Syllabus guidelines.Team DiscussionRemember the Introduction part of this week’s Discussion? Meet with your assigned team in the Team Discussion Area. Your instructor will place you in teams alphabetically. You will be working with your assigned teams on a project in Units 2 (Team submission) and 3 (no Team submission, but keep working), and then submitting it for a grade in Unit 4 (Team submission).It is recommended to set a time for your team to meet in real-time too in your team discussion area (see your team letter) on the left hand bar in this course room. There is a Checklist on pages 22 and 23 in the textbook to help you and your team realize a solid beginning for the initial meeting.Your instructor will also send out an email detailing who is assigned to each team. Meet initially in the Team Discussion Area located to the left hand side in the classroom as assigned.Post your individual personal, and professional interests. Find where you have common interests with your team members. All team interactions should take place in the Team Chat area.Create and post a team response as to what you each have in common (both personally and professionally) with the others (besides taking this course), and explain why you feel this might be important to the team’s success, on the Discussion Board for Discussion #3.You might even wish to give the team a name based upon membership consensus, and set up your team meeting for the Unit 2 weeks ahead of time. Use the Checklist previously mentioned in your upcoming meeting next week.Remember to have fun too!