Create 7-12 slides to discuss and illustrate your legal topic using prezi or PPT(15 points)

  • The 7-12 slides include: a title page, the reference slide, illustrations (photos), your Question slide should be on one slide which is included in the 7-12 slides. If a video, then 7-12 minutes in length.
  • Be sure to relate your topic to at least one law area that is relevant to commercial law

4. Be sure to cite your sources – either directly on the slide where the source is used, or on the last slide as a “Reference” slide.

5. Be sure to ask a question on one slide – the question is related to something about your topic (2.5 points)

Slide content must include at least 1-2 citations of a case law precedent(s), or statute/legislation (for example, may be 1 case law citation and 1 statute/legislation; or, may be 2 case law citations and no statutes/legislation; or may be a citation of 2 statutes/legislation and no case law precedent). The presentation must include some analysis and discussion of the law, can be a prior case, or present dispute that has not yet been filed in court; or can be an “issue” where the student discusses the issue, then cites relevant case law and/or legislation that may be related to the issue that has not yet been resolved by a case law precedent, nor by Congress. The exact issues/cases must only be related to commercial law, but do not have to be only those issues and cases presented in the textbook. Students can also write about history and commercial law, if this is preferred.

rubric :

15 points for the content and organization of your slides

(2.5) points for your question! Pleased include a slide with a question typed on it about your topic for others to answer.

(2.5) points for answering 1 student’s question (reply to another student with a thoughtful answer to their question).