Part 1 

Disparities in Healthcare 

This is an individual activity and tests the students’ ability to consume, synthesize, and apply all they learned during the course in order to address specific disparities existing among several countries’ healthcare systems. These reports are in professional written report format, not PowerPoint. Each student picks a geographic region with at least three countries (not in North America) and investigates health care in the context of:

    o   Poverty

    o   Public and professional education

    o   Distribution of providers by specialties and educational levels

    o   Allocation of resources (including locations of medical facilities and providers)

    o   Overall management of the health care by government as well as other political, social, and economic factors.

It will be important to investigate and document links between poverty, education, and accessibility to the quality of health care and delivery. 

Each student will write a report combining statistics and information from various reputable international sources with their own insights into an analysis of current strengths and weaknesses for each country. Each student will integrate the reports to create potentially workable solutions to the shortcomings and problems that are discovered.  

The students must utilize primary sources, consulting the literature and works of known and well reputed organizations such World Health Organization (WHO) and/or National Institutes of Health in their research. The students must also follow scholarly methods of conducting research, organizing data, and citing references. 

 Minimum number of pages for this assignment is 5 detailed pages (double-spaced).  Five detailed pages do not include title and reference pages.  Please use APA formatting; you do not need to provide an abstract.  Abstract is not included in the 5 detailed pages either.

Part 2

Choose 2 out of the 3 questions and provide fact-based answers:

Chapter 12

1. How is health care cost defined and measured?

2. How is health care accessibility defined and measured?

3. How is health care quality defined and measured?   

Expectation is that you write about 3-4 pages addressing these questions and post them prior to the deadline. Writing is expected to be in APA format.  The 3-4 pages do not include title page and reference page.