Using the course materials and the Discussion from Unit 5, write a response paper between 700-900 words. Using the case study, “He Said, She Said,” discuss conflict styles. Include a brief summary of the case and conflict styles in the text. Specifically, identify and describe the specific conflict styles and tactics each of the participants uses. In addition, offer suggestions about how the participants could create a more constructive conflict through flexibility. Use the course materials and specific examples from the case study to substantiate your claims.

Assignment Guidelines

Your Assignment should be 700-900 words and include the following elements: Title page: Provide a running head, your name, section number, and date Body: Provide your answer to the prompt above in complete sentences and paragraphs, using course materials and examples to support your findings Your responses should reflect professional writing standards using proper tone and language and be free of spelling and grammatical errors. The writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful, and should reflect knowledge of communication and conflict. Your viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained. Reference page: Sources in APA format Your full references should be listed alphabetically on the reference page Use Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and left aligned Use standard 1″ margins on all sides Use 6th Edition APA formatting and citation style throughout your paper If you need assistance with APA style, please visit the Academic Support Center.

Submitting Your Assignment

Save your file in a location and with a name that you will remember. When you are ready to submit, select the Unit 5 Assignment Dropbox and upload your file. To view your graded work after your instructor has evaluated it, please visit your Gradebook.