Give your personal opinion to T’Nazja Scott and  Celine Bass 

T’Nazja Scott 

In the future, my plans consist of becoming an Administrator or Director at a mental health facility. Because my background is in Social Work, I would like to still perform those duties, but on a larger scale. That said, I would love to become a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Every year, the organization has conventions that bring professionals together to tackle the ongoing war on mental illnesses.  In fact, they are the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building the lives of Americans (NAMI, 2019). When researching the organization, I was surprised to learn that they have over 15 locations in the state of Indiana.

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 Celine Bass 

Although I’m not currently working in the healthcare field and this is my very first course under the Healthcare Administration Master’s program, I have been in different supervisory and management roles of varying degrees for 30+ years. I may not be 100% sure of the direction my career will take as of this moment, but I do know that first and foremost, I will have to complete this degree. I have a hospital in very close proximity to where I live that offers volunteer opportunities. I believe that once I’m a little further along in my program, I will invest some time there as a volunteer to get a better feel of what the overall healthcare environment is like first-hand. I will also likely join an organization like the HCAA (Health Care Administrators Association) and attend some meetings/conferences to begin networking within the field. I’m very appreciative of Dr. Lee’s many T-shirts and baseball caps from all of the various organizations that he shared – they’ll provide a good point of reference moving forward! Lastly, if any of my classmates are in a position to hire another PG alum in a couple of years, look me up! 🙂

Good luck to everyone as you work toward your goals!